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Q How do I stop the School Communicator from popping up automatically?
Q The School Communicator has moved offscreen. How do I get it back?
A Occasionally the School Communicator might open partially or completely off the screen, and it is not possible to drag it back. Follow the instructions below to get it back into the visible. Windows The simplest way of restoring the School Communicator is to change your screen resolution. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Properties. Now click on settings. Make a note of your current screen resolution. Change the screen resolution to the lowest possible setting and click apply. Next change the resolution to the highest possible setting, and finally back to the original resolution. MAC This is a fairly common problem with Macs, and most often occurs if one of the monitors in a dual monitor system is removed. You will need to run a simple script to move it back into the visible area. Download the following utiilty from the D6 server: http://www.d6technology.com/downloads/moveme.zip Unzip the file & double click to run. If prompted, you may need to first enable access for assistive devices. * Open System Preferences * Click on Universal Access * Tick the checkbox "Enable access for assistive devices" at the bottom. This script may cause the School Communicator to stop responding. Simply close and reopen the School Communicator and it should now work correctly.